Orderly Home Cleaning offers an outstanding and incomparable House Cleaning Service for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. You can opt for daily, one time cleaning and seasonal cleaning. Move ins and move outs cleaning is also available.

Orderly Home Cleaning LLC offers you a professional organized home:
We transform your untidy rooms into organized, clean space, closets, Dresser Drawers, Cabinets, Pantries, Garages.
Packing or Unpacking, Laundry, Folding Clothes.

We make the difference! Not only cleaning homes but organizing any area that you need by our professional service.

Licensed – Insured – Bonded

We Are Unique!
Cleaning & Organizing any area you need to have done!

What will be done cleaning?  What will be done organizing?

Cleaning Bedrooms:

• All areas dusted top, front and underneath
• Blinds dusted.  
• Ceiling fan blades dusted.
• Windows sills wiped.
• Mirrors cleaned.
• Finger prints removed (woodwork, door frames, switch plates)
• Baseboards wiped down.
• Lamps shades wiped down.
• Beds made and linens changed (optional)
• Vacuum under and behind beds and furniture.
• All carpets vacuumed.
• Trash emptied.
• Mopping Floors.

Organizing Bedrooms:

• Closets
• Dresser drawers
• Shoes
• Sheets and Towels
• Shelves
• Toys
• Accessories

Cleaning Bathrooms

• Tub or shower thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, rinsed and left shining.
• Tiles and chrome cleaned and left shining.
• Sinks scrubbed and left shining.
• Toilets cleaned and disinfected inside/out.
• Vanity top cleaned (all items removed and replaced).
• Mirrors cleaned. Sills wiped down.
• Trash emptied.
• Baseboards wiped down.
• Floors vacuumed, disinfected and washed.

Organizing Bathrooms:

• Cabinets
• Shelves
• Closets

Cleaning Kitchen and Eating Area:

• Countertops and backsplash cleaned
• Cabinets outside doors and panels cleaned (if need it, optional).
• Microwave inside/out cleaned.
• Refrigerator front, top and side cleaned
• Refrigerator inside (extra).
• Oven (extra)
• Dishes washed (extra).
• Range hood outside, top and front cleaned (extra inside).
• Sink scrubbed and left shining (including behind sink).
• Trash can emptied.
• Sills wiped down
• Baseboards wiped down
• Floor vacuumed, washed, disinfected and mopped.

Organizing Kitchen and Eating Area:

• Cabinets
• Pantries
• Countertops
• Refrigerator inside
• Freezer inside

Cleaning All Other Areas:

• Lights, Ceiling fans and vents cleaned.
• Sills wiped down.
• Blinds dusted.
• Cobwebs removed.
• Picture frames dusted.
• Lamp shades wiped down or dusted.
• Fireplace hearth, mantel and front glass door, cleaned.
• Couch, cushions, newspapers, magazines and books, straightened.
• All Furniture dusted and cleaned
• Fingerprints removed from woodwork, door-frames and switch plates.
• Baseboard wiped down.
• Carpet vacuumed.
• Hardwood floor, ceramic or vinyl floor, vacuumed and mopped.

Organizing All Other Areas:

• Storage
• Cabinets
• Shelves
• Closets
• Garage
• Basement
• Kids room area
• Decks
• Patios

Overall appearance of the Whole House left neat and organized.
Completely Clean!  is how Orderly Home Cleaning is going to leave your house.

We Make the Difference!!
Reliable Cleaning & Organizing Residential Homes.

Orderly Home Cleaning guarantees your complete satisfaction.
Make an appointment with us and be part of our family!